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Less time ticking boxes.
More hours on the ward.

MediRegs will save you time on administrative duties to help you comply with the Lord Carter Review recommendations without extra staff or overtime. Enter your email below to see how it works.


Currently, everyone in the NHS is feeling the pressure to tighten up resources. This is particularly felt by pharmacy staff. As identified by the Lord Carter Review, on average, 55% of pharmacy staff time and 43% of costs are being spent on back office services. There is a need, and the potential, for this to become more efficient.

The review recommends that trusts ensure more time spent on clinical pharmacy services. To do this means reducing other activities, such as supply chain. MediRegs helps pharmaceutical organisations comply with GDP guidelines 2013/C 343/01 (Bona Fides) without the headaches. Leaving you to focus on clinical services.

[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-check-box” layout=”small-left” title=”AUTOMATICALLY AUTHENTICATE SUPPLY CHAINS”]MediRegs authenticates your supply chain and verifies if your trading or distribution partners are authorised or entitled to trade or supply specific pharmaceutical products.[/foundry_icon_box][foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-face-smile” layout=”small-left” title=”AUDIT TRAILS COMPILED FOR YOU”]MediRegs supports the Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) by providing an audit trail for regulatory inspections to keep you compliant and reduce the risk of fines or prosecution from the licensing authority.[/foundry_icon_box]
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-info-alt” layout=”small-left” title=”GET ALERTED TO LICENSE ISSUES”]MediRegs will automatically alert you if any customers’ or suppliers’ licenses are suspended or revoked. You can also download current or historical reports for their licensed trading status.[/foundry_icon_box][foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-timer” layout=”small-left” title=”SAVE TIME ON BACK OFFICE FUNCTIONS”]MediRegs transforms a time intensive, repetitive and manual process into one that is simple, fast and efficient. It validates WDA and GPhC data – saving you hours of checking your company records after every license update.[/foundry_icon_box]
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The fastest and easiest way to manage your regulatory responsibilities.

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Know instantly if any supplier has their pharmaceutical authorisations changed by the MHRA or GPhC. Reduce the risk of breaching your regulatory responsibilities by validating which organisations have the appropriate authority to trade in pharmaceuticals.

Verify your suppliers’ authorisations – both current and historical. Check multiple sites and every license type for any organisation – not just their head office.

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Automate your current manual processes to reduce the chance of human error. Utilise staff resources more efficiently by quickly verifying your supply chain in just a few clicks.

Grant full, or ‘read-only’ access to any of your GDP or sales team staff. Record the audit trail to show which team members updated what and when.

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See the changes approved by the Licensing Authority during a specified time period for Wholesale Dealers and Active Substance Manufacturers, as well as importers and Distributors, and the types of product(s) or activities that are handled at the sites.

Keep track of your License Holder information and the type of products or activities that are approved by the regulator for each of your sites. You can also report where your licenses are cited on a Wholesale Dealers License and the type(s) or products or activities that are handled under that License.


Automate your current manual processes

Utilise staff resources more efficiently
Verify your customers’ and suppliers’ authorisations
Reduce the risk of breaching your regulatory responsibilities

MediRegs helps you to:

  • Spend more time on clinical pharmacy services than supply chain activities
  • Ensure office functions become more efficient to maximise value and outcomes
  • Know if any supplier or customer has their pharmaceutical authorisations changed
  • Check multiple sites and every license type for any organisation
  • Keep track of your License Holder information
  • See the changes approved by the Licensing Authority during a specified time period
  • Manage your business from anywhere, with a fully mobile responsive application developed for desktop, iOS & Android

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    Pricing (Limited Launch Offer)

    Get a Pro Account for the same price as the Regular account for the lifetime of your subscription.

    [foundry_pricing_table amount=”£ 79″ button_text=”Get Started” title=”Starter” small=” Per Month (+VAT) Or save 20% with Annual Billing” button_url=”https://mediregs.south.co.uk/product/mediregs-starter-monthly/”]

    Manage Your Supply Chain
    Manual Verification Reports
    Single User


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    Manage Your Supply Chain
    Automatic Verification Reports
    Single User
    Automatic License Alerts
    GPhC Data for Pharmacy Premises


    [foundry_pricing_table amount=”£ 259″ button_text=”Get Started” title=”PROFESSIONAL” small=” Per Month (+VAT) Or save 20% with Annual Billing” button_url=”https://mediregs.south.co.uk/product/mediregs-pro-monthly/”]

    Manage Your Supply Chain
    Automatic Verification Reports
    Multiple Users
    Automatic License Alerts
    GPhC Data for Pharmacy Premises
    Sub-User Management
    + User Activity Tracking
    Historical Report Archive


    Contact us for Enterprise Pricing:
    Unlimited Users, Bespoke Onboarding & Custom Domain Name.

    A secure solution developed by a company with a track record of solving problems in the Health sector


    Common questions about MediRegs

    Contact product.info@mediregs.south.co.uk if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer
    [foundry_toggles][foundry_toggles_content title=”Will the site work on a smartphone or tablet?”]Yes. The site is developed using the Bootstrap framework which is the world’s most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites. This means you can use the site perfectly on a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad, as well as other Android devices.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”What is the minimum contract term?”]There is no minimum term contract. The Service begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. You’ll be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase, every month, until you cancel. You can cancel at anytime.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Can I upgrade / Downgrade my account?”]Yes, you can either upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. Please note, downgrading your Service will cause the loss of the extra features from the higher level account. E.g. If you downgrade from the 5 user account to the single user account, any additional users that you invited will be unable to log in whilst you remain on the lower account tariff.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Do the monthly prices include VAT?”]The prices stated on the home page are exclusive of VAT, which will be applied at the standard UK rate of 20%. Inclusive prices (as March 2016) are:
    Bronze £ 79 pcm
    Silver £169 pcm
    Gold £259 pcm[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”How much does Bespoke onboarding cost?”]We recognise that many companies have their EUFMD data stored in legacy formats across multiple locations. Sometimes this might be internal databases, excel documents, or even hardcopy spreadsheets updated by hand, then duplicated and distributed. Getting all this complex information into a new format can be a lengthy and time-consuming process – especially if there are thousands of records.

    We offer a bespoke onboarding service that can take all your EUFMD data and upload it into your MediRegs account. The cost for this service depend on the amount of data, the complexity and the formats involved. Please contact us for a quote.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Where is the data stored?”]The site is hosted in one of two UK data centres located on the Manchester Technopark on the periphery of Manchester City Centre. The data centre facilities are totally secure, fully air conditioned with redundant power supplies and are fully supported 24/7 by an on-site Network Operations Team.[/foundry_toggles_content][foundry_toggles_content title=”Is my data safe?”]MediRegs is developed by South˚. We are registered with the Information Commissioner. We have notified the ICO and our data protection number is Z2907170. All data connections are across SSL using a 256bit key from Comodo with an AES 256bit encryption algorithm. We backup to a secure offsite location using R1Soft, which offers continuous data protection only backing up what has changed – but results in full restore points at any one time. Backups are taken daily at 9AM and 10 of these are retained, with 8 weekly archives – so we have backups every day for 10 days ago and 8 weeks worth of backups available.[/foundry_toggles_content][/foundry_toggles]

    Find out how MediRegs can help you stay compliant now

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